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Streaming Media enables you to deliver high quality Video and or Audio via the Internet.

With Zonenetlink E-Solutions ®, businesses large or small can cost-effectively promote their products and services, communicate their brand value, and differentiate themselves from increasing competition. Utilizing streaming media technologies means your company can offer its employees, partners and customers a more effective and dynamic method of communicating, via audio and video, from any place at any time.

Use Zonenetlink Multimedia Services to add clarity and excitement:  

How does it work?

When you buy Zonenetlink Multimedia Services, your streams are downloaded from our streaming platform designed to support Microsoft® Windows Media™. In this way, you need not worry about planning and provisioning bandwidth for streaming.


Package Name
Disk Space
Data Transfer *
Monthly Rate
Stream Starter
Stream Lite
300 Mb
750 Mb
Stream Basic
500 Mb

*Excess data transfer is charged 5.00 per MB.

Larger packages are available, please speak to a Sales Rep for more information.
In need of streaming services? Contact Zonenetlink at info@zonenetlink.com to discuss your media streaming needs.

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